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Great North MLS

Better Together

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The Great North MLS supports over 800 REALTORS®, including Appraisers, throughout North Dakota and boardering states. We provide reliable access to data and resources that create a more efficient and effective marketplace for REALTORS® and consumers.

Great North MLS

better together

Frequently Asked Questions

Information and cooperation are vital to our members’ businesses. Competent REALTORS® need access to reliable data in order to provide excellent service to their clients and customers. More information empowers REALTORS® by allowing them to understand the greater market trends and by providing them access to more information than their clients have when searching on third party platforms. REALTORS® will have more choices for their buyers and more exposure for their sellers’ properties right at their fingertips.

A primary benefit of the Great North MLS is that it provides consistency in rules and regulations for REALTORS® who must navigate different rules when belonging to multiple MLSs. The Great North MLS is owned by local REALTOR® Associations so our rules are aligned with those of the National Association of REALTORS®.  By following the directives of NAR, we are protected by NAR. The rules and regulations of the Great North MLS are considered and approved through the GNMLS’s Board of Directors, made up of representatives of the shareholding Associations.  

Appraiser members will save time and money by accessing one MLS with more information rather than belonging to multiple MLSs with multiple logins. They will have access to more data, comparable sales, and have a better understanding of market trends. It is a win for consumers when an appraiser can save time and have access to a wider array of comparable properties in order to complete quality appraisals.

Becoming a subscriber of the Great North MLS will impact REALTORS®’s bottom lines. A larger MLS can negotiate and secure better pricing on programs and services from vendors. There are savings for those REALTORS® who once belonged to multiple MLSs. REALTORS® have access to more tools and save time by logging into one system. Sharing staff focused solely on the MLS and resources saves Associations and their members money. Finally, REALTORS® have access to more information and a larger area in which to compete. Competition sharpens the skills of REALTORS® and positively impacts their businesses.

Each shareholding Association will continue to use the key and lockbox system they have in place, as determined by their local Board of Directors. Each Association will continue to be the service center for their own key and lockbox systems. The National Association of REALTORS® supports allowing all REALTORS® access to lockboxes, regardless of the Association in which the member belongs.

No. Local Associations simply contract the Great North MLS to handle the Association’s MLS requirements. Local Associations will continue to focus on Association duties to their members including education, professional standards enforcement, member safety information, community outreach, advocacy efforts, RPAC fundraising and candidate support, membership events, media relations, local promotion and advertising, and lockbox and key services.

It is more and more challenging for REALTOR® Associations to ask their limited staff to be “jack-of-all-trades” and master the ever-changing requirements, policies, technology, and data feed issues of the MLS and still find time to support members and advocate for the real estate industry. Contracting the Great North MLS, which has staff solely focused on the MLS and its encompassing programs and issues, provides efficiency for local Associations. It allows local Association staff to focus more on Association matters and the members.

Yes. All shareholding Association’s forms, along with the Great North MLS’s forms, are accessible in the FlexMLS system and the Transaction Desk platform.

If you are a primary or secondary member of the Bismarck-Mandan Board of REALTORS®, Jamestown Board of REALTORS®, or the Williston Board of REALTORS®, you will have access to the Great North MLS and all its benefits. If you a REALTOR® member of a non-shareholding Association, you may also join one of the shareholding Associations as an MLS-only subscriber.  Join today

The Great North MLS uses FlexMLS by FBS. The Great North MLS also contracts Transactions by Lone Wolf, ShowingTime and ReaList as supplementary programs. Subscribers have access to Trustfunds, a benefit provided by the North Dakota Association of REALTORS®. Each shareholding Association will continue to use the key and lockbox system they have in place, as determined by their local Board of Directors. Each Association will continue to be the service center for their own key and lockbox systems.

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